24 February 2011

I take photos of myself in bathrooms???

And I was there. Vandana Shiva was the guest speaker at last nights' 2011 International Speaker Series. She talked about climate chaos, globalization, grass fed cows vs. grain fed cows - big difference is in their fart. Yes, she said the word fart out loud. There was mention of peak oil, food justice and climate change but more importantly I had to run to the restroom midway and I could still hear her speaking through the bathroom speakers. I thought that to be odd. For the person who doesn't want to miss a word I suppose then it would be normal? Anywoo, what stood out (more of a reminder) to me was that nowadays we really don't buy anything fresh anymore, we don't go and butcher up our own meat - everything comes to us in plastic containers or bags.... fast forward to... I enjoyed munching on all the goodies at the reception afterwards. I woke up this morning (below photo) to it snowing outside. Unfortunately I live and work downtown so no Snow Day for me.


Anonymous said...

Contents of outdoor freezer:

Two butchered lambs from Hillsboro
One quarter of a butchered cow from .5 mile away

Contents of garden:

Six blueberry bushes
Eight spring onions
Five cabbages
Six kale plants
Six lettuce plants

Containers next to kitchen:


Stuff grown last summer:

Sweet potatoes
Green peppers
Mini pumpkins

natalie said...

awesome inventory. :) i love the smell of basil. and i love that you do the reverse of what i thought we all do.