01 November 2010

i need to break away from the daily routine................ with a vacation

we're spending my birthday in seattle for the weekend. hotel is booked. train tickets still need to be purchased. i can't wait to spend the entire weekend with steven. it will be his first time in the emerald city.


Anonymous said...

Nice barbed wire. We've got plenty of it around here. I'll post more pictures today from the Halloween conflagaration (spelling is off there). Grr.

Okay, I've got to do some homework for the mister. Bleck.


natalie said...

wha? bleh is right... you got suckered. hehe. xo. the change in weather here is making me all sleepy. miss you is some sort of freckled way. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is prikkeldraad, the kind of wire the Freckle torn her dress a long time ago.
Nice picture from the Grand Freckle.

natalie said...

fond freckled memories. ;)