01 November 2010


i posted more photos of our fun-filled night as zombies on facebook...

previous outfits to date that i can remember: clown, scary old man, gypsy, cruella de vil (twice in a row), a zombie.

our weekend conversations

"oh that's your sternocostal head." (lindsay responding to tom when he said why am i so sore here)

"what is that? do you hear it too? " (chuckling yet freaked out a little to the random sounds of a horse neighing in the background)

"i learned a trick," (grabs a chair) "now go ahead, lean over and try to raise it?"

"i have to get another two 10 minute yoga and abs workout in before we go do us some drinking?"

"does anyone know where we're going tonight? yeah, to this house party? who's party? just some friend of a friend of friends house party?"

"everyone loves a game of mastermind." (its not gay bro. its a classic game of logic and deduction)

"stop telling me you'll be home soon." (it always ends up being five to six hours later... very annoying)

"i don't see you in the morning with all your curls." (heard before i left for work one morning)

"i think the honeymoon phase is over?" (realizing this after 3 and a half years of dating)

(after turning a potato gun into a pumpkin gun) "this thing is really fun. its got a punch to it!"

"how much extra does it cost for a mcDonald's run?" (said to our taxi cab driver) this didn't happen of course. we always end up at Theo's (use to be Ford's)

"so typical, they just won't stop tearing up on me." (my zombie make-up was irritating the heck out of my eyes)

(a 6.30 in the morning moment) "stop biting me?"

all of us are standing in front of the apartment building trying to figure out what next to do and this crazy guy storms right on up to us "hey, you got some money. No. alright, you got a penny. (one of our friends hands him a cigarette) No. (crazy guy throws cigarette on the ground) when asked why he did that "because you didn't have a penny on you."

"it's more of an interruption than anything else." (when dealing with a pest of a...)

i said "hey, what a cute bumblee bee outfit," she replied while pulling out a blood-stained knife "i'm not a bumblee bee, i'm a killer bee."

"how do you hide it from yourself?"

(excited look after hearing) "you're from michigan too?" (when hanging out with the guys. i just let them think i'm from there too)

"it's your turn to go let them in. i need to start working on my face." (second round of opening our parking garage gate for friends)

"got to love the smell of piss on a fine sunday morning." (riding the #20 bus)

(busy tone signal) "i don't think we'll be going home soon. halloween is a busy night for taxi cab drivers."

"oh there you are! where were you? downstairs."

"you're so beautiful," (he turns to me and says right out of the blue)

"fish sticks, oh hells yes!"


Anonymous said...

I think I've been under a rock because I just realized I haven't seen your blog since Oct. 22! Crazy!

And you've had so many good postings since! The barnyard bonfire went well . . . yummy lamb prepared by the grill master, and we even had s'mores over a fire. The hayride was fun too.

You look good as a zombie.

I want my $25. Remember? It's due dude.

Freckle chair sponsor

natalie said...

since Mom's b-day! thx. and i love the new photos of the little guy. he's getting sooo big.

oh yeah, i get paid this Friday so i'll send some money to you this FRIDAY! i'm a bad, bad girl. xo