11 October 2010

the day after 10.10.10... my 'to do' list

knit more
visit a pumpkin patch
figure out what to be for halloween
make a great dish using kale
arrange a dinner party here soon
surprise Steven with another little something, something
find mom a birthday gift and card and get it out in the mail this week...
less text messaging
what else?
exercise ***snowboarding season is a coming!
work on stories for Amy and send to her by end of week
situate my finances and retirement money this week. invest? growth? aggressive?

go to the beach this weekend and enjoy the company of others
take advantage of these last few days of sunshine
sign up for a photography class
less facebook


Anonymous said...

The Joy of Cooking has a good recipe for kale. It is a gratin, but we blend it all and make it a soup.

One bunch kale
Three potatoes, chopped into 1/4" slices
One onion, chopped into 1/4" slices
One half stick butter, chopped into bits

After preparing and steaming the kale, line the bottom of a gratin (pyrex pan) dish with a layer of potatoes, then kale, then onions, topping off the layer with a little salt, pepper, thyme and several dabs of butter. Repeat the layers, ending with potatoes on top. Pour in a cup of milk and bake for about an hour (at 350) until it is all bubbly. Eat it like that or blend it up for a very tasty soup.


natalie said...

yummy DElicious sounding. I ended up making couscous, mushrooms and sausage with a salad last night. I shall try this kale receipe over the weekend, NOW that we have chillier weather.