27 October 2010

trying to keep the element of surprise intact...

my boyfriend is truly an amazing artist. steven just finished another painting. SO happy belated birthday mom, a package from us is on its way. speaking of birthdays, mine is coming up and we are heading out of town. where to, i think Seattle! natalie needs to getaway here soon before i break down from the same ole' routine. hehe... i am ready for halloween though. i still haven't decided what i want to be, maybe a trashy kim kardashian. for dinner we had wild shrimps from whole foods with rice and a salad. talk about them shrimps being backed up. steven and i just laughed it off with life sometimes is like the back of a shrimp, full of sh$t. hehe. next time i buy shrimps, they better be pre-depooped. so on the fashion front, i just got wind of this mod retro indie clothing & vintage clothes website. super, SUPER cute dresses. and i love, love this store. Alert: it's the last day of the wednesday farmer's market in the SW park blocks. :(

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