13 October 2010

I bought the game Mastermind yesterday afternoon and this codebreaker won her first game after 4 rows against Steven the codemaker. I use to play this game like crazy when I was a kid. Steven is not much for board games but he's a good sport and played a few games with me last night. You should see his face when I pull out the UNO cards. I later on watched the movie Night of the Living Dead in color. Halloween is a coming!

Next PHOTO project – installation at 24Notion. Click here for photos of their office space to get an idea of where my photos will be 'wallcased.' What an amazing opportunity!!! Thank you Ivo! Below is a photo taken of Ivo and I looking all svelte and sensational. NOT! This photo makes me laugh out loud. I look like a tourist and Ivo looks scared! I'm embarrassing the both of us by posting this photo but why not... What we got rigggghhhhht here is a wall of fame photo ***said in the best southern voice possible.

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