07 January 2010

Busy over here. Trying to lose weight. Sleep has not been my friend lately. But I will be working on my very own photo book here very, very soon. Tell me, how are you doing?


Natalie said...

Well, I wouldn't have mentioned it, but I am sleepy and trying to lose weight. In fact, I may have found some of the weight you've lost. Wonder how to make friends with sleep...

Anonymous said...

I am doing fine......it is eleven o'clock and watching Alabama and Texas.
And guess what, it started to snow, a bit watery but temperatures are falling, schools will be closed tomorrow, so I hope it is going to snow, snow, snow.
Sweet dreams, dreams, dreams.

Anonymous said...

Doing pretty well. Trying to get things done in 2.5 hour increments is sometimes very hard. Writing thank you notes now. Also need to write recommendation letter. Can't complain.

What about yoga?


natalie said...

I think we need days here and there, call them unRoutine days, where you can just sleep in and do nothing that you are suppose to do. An unRoutine - unResponsible type kind of day! ;)

The operative word here is kickstart. I need a kickstart in the bum to get to a yoga class or even go for a jog.

Snap out of it Natalie.