07 January 2010

Beer Art. Another 1st Thursday. Woof, woof.

I just love me some first Thursday art walks. I only have to walk not even a block and I’m there at the Everett Street Lofts: an entire block full of apartment lofts that have been converted into art galleries. I viewed art made out of beer cans, works that paid homage to the drink itself, a room where you had to stand on certain X marks-the-spot to see the full effect of the artist’s creation, from the strange to the bizarre ending up in Tribute Gallery taking in the Keeps for Play exhibit. I just love art gallery gazing. Being among the living, hearing the chatter behind you as other art gallery gazers talk on and on to holding Steven’s hand making us feel connected to the art world and sharing our own ideas of what we could exhibit next. It’s just the sh&t! Once we got home, it was House of Louie take-out to rescue our growling tummies and I watched 3 back-to-back episodes of Sex in the City. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out WHY I am always so tired during the day. I like to play too much. But right now, I can’t even enjoy my evenings because I think about when can I lay my head down for an hour or two. Is this what they mean when I hear someone say, hey honey, that’s what happens when you get older?

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