27 December 2009

Well, happy late Merry Christmas to you all. Are we ever really prepared for the holidays? The answer to that one for me this year was a big fat No! I was unable to find the time to get Christmas cards and presents out to everyone. I just couldn't get my act together. Too many new and exciting things are happening in my life and well, my mind was barricaded with that leaving little time to get my Christmas giving self into gear. What I can tell you is that I've been slammed trying to make my goal before the year is out (so close, ugh), my sister gave birth last Sunday to a precious little boy -- I feel like a tossed salad when it comes to that because I wish I could be there but knowing I'll make it in January or February makes up for the lost time -- to helping out with the new restaurant & lounge to making sure everyone gets fed -- that fully prepared Christmas dinner I got turned out to be a hit but was eaten around 11.30pm, things are in order to make it, if anything, just to the next day and... this is such an erratic post. I just needed to get something posted before I let more than a week go by with nothing on here. More later, stay tuned. Yours truly, the curious critter.

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