29 December 2009

Sleep, eat and repeat

ANOTHER UPDATE: It's almost 8:30pm and everyone out on the roads are either stuck, on the side of the road stuck or as one of my friends said it is taking him 40 minutes just to go 1 mile. Steven is stuck over in Multnomah Village - Tigard right now with Alex, Marguerite had a doctors' appointment at OHSU and couldn't even make it to my apartment so she checked into a hotel because her husband had been stuck already in traffic for over 4 hours... I got home on the MAX a little after 5:00pm, cranked on the heat, took photos of the beautiful walnut size snowflakes and then made a comfortable spot on the sofa to begin listening to a CD I just got in the mail from my sister - the one who just had a baby. To my sister, thank you for such a beautiful gift that left me first a little in tears but then turned into a bunch of laughter and joy. Maybe it was kismet for me to be here all alone so I could listen to my parents' (and your) voices on this snowy day. My sister put together recordings of my mother and father, on different days this year, interviewing them about their lives: growing up, how they met, etc. I knew some of it but not all and it was quite touching... I had texted Steven to find out the chances of him making it home and he said slim to none. Then I texted him about why don't we know everything or at least everything about our parents and he responded with "babe, no one knows their parents fully, only their peers and friends know them. Think about it if we have kids they wouldn't know all the stuff we do..." He's right but if you know me I'm the kind of person who feels I should be in the know all the time - a flaw of mine. I loved listening to the recordings. They both lived very adventurous and interesting lives. I hope they know that I think of them always and love them amazingly even though I live so far away. I will be home soon for a visit - come January or February. xox P.S. I think my need to blog is also to document my life since I'm so far away from my family but I digress. hehe. xox

UPDATE: It started snowing about 2:30pm today for the very first time this year. Happy fat delicious snowflakes are falling from the sky making me feel O so happy inside.3 days left! Where did 2009 go? Last night, both Steven and I fell asleep on the sofa at different times. As I was preparing dinner with our turkey leftovers - I made this great turkey dish with rice and sate spices along with brussels sprouts, um, um good was it! - Steven was sleeping soundly and immediately after dinner I couldn't keep my eyes open and just passed out from after-holiday exhaustion. I woke up a few hours later just to move into the bedroom to find Steven surfing away on his laptop. The plan for that night was to do a few loads of laundry and head over to the grocery store. But none of that ever happened. We were trapped in our cozy, little apartment sleeping, eating and of course repeating that same pattern. What did happen is I finally cleaned the kitchen from the weekend - it was such a mess, made a delicious dinner - I actually like brussels sprouts now - and slept a lot of the weekends' fatigue away. NOW, I'm still tired and am thinking about how just the other day I received an email from my little nephew who is like only over a week old (?), how much I enjoyed my lunch date with Jen and how I choked on a little piece of my cheese from my salad in front of her to I've figured out how to get just the right curls in my hair. (Do I have to remind you, I am a girl!) As for the new year, who knows what we will do? There are no plans and I like that there are no plans. I have Friday off so here's to another 3 days of work and 3 days left in the year! Below are some low quality photos I confiscated from Z taken at Element Restaurant & Lounge's private holiday party the day after Christmas. Me, Lindsay and Dom:

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