14 May 2008

you thought there'd be no more Weather Machine talk. well, it's back!

Hey Mahlin, This morning as I walked by the dysfunctional WM two symbols appear to be stuck together displaying the Heron and Sun.

Yeah Natalie, I already saw that and will be across the street shortly to attempt to remedy that. I’m going to put the heron up for the next few days as a front is supposed to start moving in by tonight. Thanks again for your observations. Apparently we need all the help we can get to stay on top of the weather machine’s idiosyncrasies.

What’s the verdict? I’m going to make a guess here – something is still wrong with the WM.

Bingo! I’m having problems getting anything to move. I’ll try to work on it tomorrow. Were you here today or just noticed no characters up when you walked by?

I walk by it everyday on my way into work. Today, I saw no characters.

I believe it’s possessed and an exorcism is in order. Your thoughts…..

I would recommend a faith healer versus an exorcism because it is from the light rather than the dark side.

You have a point. However, from my perspective it moved to the dark side years ago!

So you’re the culprit. ;)

Yes Natalie, I must be the one.

Just kidding silly grasshopper. Poor little Weather Machine. Looking upon the heart of downtown with an evil eye. Have a good night.

Natalie: Still no progress with the WM. Have a great weekend…..

WMD – D is for Darn! He he! Enjoy!

You too Natalie

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