13 May 2008

we could learn some humility

top photo: improved meyer lemon tree
I was reading the May issue of Wired and the following excerpt caught my attention: 'the annals of medicine are full of tidy explanations of how the body works, from Dr. Atkins all the way back to Hippocrates. Inevitably, though, someone comes along and shows that there's a little more to it. It would be wise, as Brown suggest, "to accept the fact that we don't know a tremendous amount about things we think we know. We could learn some humility." That, however may be asking too much of science." We all are little unexplainable lemons in this world. he he...and here is another photo of Banana Musa. Look at how much he has grown!
bottom photo: banana musa leaves


Anonymous said...

What are the fruits of the banana musa, bananas? or lemons? or dates?

natalie el-jourbagy said...

At the Plant Expo, I saw an 8 foot banana musa tree but did not see it bearing any fruit on it. SO...I'm not sure...


theCrazy said...

The Banana Musa will grow bananas when it reaches 10ft but they are inedible. But they are still good for throwing at people like Mario Cart he he

WOW Your photos are SO good :P MUAH!! MUAH!! MUAH!! MUAH!! XO XO XO XO XXXX

natalie el-jourbagy said...

oh settle down. these photos were taken by you, thecrazy, my steven. he he!!! i give credit when its deserved. xoxoxo