02 August 2007

Illume this!

~ENTRY ONE: me a year ago minus the additional freckle
ENTRY TWO: me a year ago minus the additional freckle


Anonymous said...

Ahhh . . . picture overdose! And where did these pictures come from? Are they yours?


natty said...

to the moon with you overdosey! xo

and a big phat NO... they are not mine. are you kidding? have you not been reading my blog. these are photos taken at the Red Bull Illume exhibit on display august 2nd thru da 11th!

The Reverend, Dr. AB Esquire - Attorney at Law said...

These photos are very mind opening! They force you to recognize the symmetry of the world and our effect on that balance. You see, we no longer walk behind Mother Nature as she leads us through the universe. Today is a new day! Man stands atop her majesty and parachutes down with glee. Her mountains are our playground and her seas, our bathing tubs. Waves are ridden and rapids are mounted. Mankind walks alone mother. Fearless as Gods and bright as the sun, we are HERE AND WE ARE HERE TO STAY!!

Well, until we decide to rid ourselves of ourselves of course. But that's a whole other story.