11 February 2007

va va voom portland

this year, i declare that my single status will not make me mopey on February 14th. instead, i want that to be a day when i am able to express to the people in my life |family, friends, crushes| how i feel about them. the beauty of being a grown-up is that i'm no longer shy about wearing my heart on my sleeve. but at the same time, i've learned to take heed of my fathers' wise words 'don't let your guard down' in my later years of existence on this beautiful planet. this week, i am all about wanting to unabashedly share my feelings with you. why not? p.s. i still want |give me, give me| a scrabble necklace that spells out L O V E, design by poppy & ivy at 1703 NE alberta street. and my sunday so far has been exactly how i wanted it to go. sleep IN, checking for updates on my laptop and now, time for some breakfast. |what kind of person would be so arrogant as to presume the intention of another human being?| - quote out of the movie, lady in the water.

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