10 February 2007


mom, we drove the loop to get to mt. hood today. and kristina 'gets me.' this is why hanging out with her is SO much FUN! i'm working on my fallen leafs and i have to say, i'm ready to take it the next level. kristina practiced her fakies while i worked on mastering my linked turns making them shorter and shorter as i could. it did snow later on in the day: a heavy wet snow but it was still beautiful, no doubt. kristina and i also have taken a vow NOT to drink any alcoholic beverages the night before heading out in the morning to go snowboarding! we paid the price today but still we managed to get a good solid four hours of riding in. we went for dinner to this place near Doug Fir and LePigeon called 'the Farm Cafe.' now, i'm at home and plans are to veg out like broccoli.

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