14 January 2007

walk this

i am loving today. the sun is out, i can see (SEE) mt. st. helens' from my apartment [really, not a big deal ;] and there is still the slight chance of a walk up to forest park. hmmmm... i can't help but try. it really is amazing outside. to feel the warmth of the sun come through the windows puts me into a daze. make sure to check out michele's blog for today. i am loving her felted clutch bags. now that i will be with a laptop come monday, i have this crazy idea to make a felted laptop carrying case. michele, send me the pattern ASAP :). jeremy, i want to buy lots and lots of yarn (merino wool) off of ebay tomorrow or maybe on friday. 500g is better than 100g. duh!


Anonymous said...

or maybe after I pay my 40$ expired tags citation!!!!!

Jeez meeter maid...lay off the ation

Anonymous said...


or cake

Anonymous said...

shut up raven!

upinthecloudsnat said...

martin luther king day! and to celebrate, i am now with my very own iBook! the first laptop i've ever owned. 33 years later. where does the time go?