15 January 2007

the iBook G4 is here! its white, and NOW, i don't have to go to the public library anymore to access the internet. after a year of using the library with only an hour of time allotted per day, i can relax and take my time now when surfing the internet, composing my blog entries and just plain out not having to rush. i'm off to get a haircut. i need a trim. and that is just that! more later. oh yeah, i finished off my off-white superchunky cap! another beauty except i don't think the instructions are correct because i've now made two of the same caps and both times, if you wear the hat according to the instructions you end up looking like some sort of bad version of popeye! hmmmm, oh well, if anything, i like the outcome of both hats. i left all of my photo software at work SO another day to wait on me posting photos of my knitting creations. this blog entry coming to you live from my apartment! crazy, isn't it...

about felting: as long as the fiber is all animal-fiber, it should felt. acrylic, cotton, and silk blends won't felt. at most you'd get partial felting and ruined yarn.

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