10 December 2006


this has been a weekend, that's fo sure. to kori and jen, thankies for my birthday dinner or should we say midnight snack ;) at savoy. and to jan, i love the CD you made for me and the Chanel products, i'm now 'with it.' ... and to jen, - you, me - at North 45 again sometime soon. what was with that guy who kept saying 'i sell words.' eh?

WOW. today, i rest. i went snowboarding on saturday and it was AMAZING! all you gots to know is to put your right hand on your right hip and the left hand out pointing you in the direction you want to go in and apply most of the pressure on the front foot, and that my friends, is all there is to know about snowboarding. kristina, girl, thankies for dancing with me on the slope in the very beginning. looking forward to heading out again on saturday. i love feeling this sore! and so i leave you all with a quote: " a great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within - w. durant." so i will download PHOTOS of saturday on monday. be well.

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