08 December 2006

about Savoy, going there tonight...

Modern Comfort. By now you’ve heard it more than a dozen times…food isn’t the answer to your problems. But with the winter rain dumping all over you it’s hard to argue the fact that good food can provide a little comfort amidst the coldness. And that’s exactly what Savoy did for us recently.

The part-bar part-bistro sits in the heart of the cutey Clinton neighborhood and serves a delicious menu of comfort foods in a lovely modern atmosphere. Owner Peter Bro gives a nod to his Wisconsin-homeland with menu items like fried cheese curds and mac & cheese. Peter, and Savoy chef Alton Garcia, also spice things up by changing the menu monthly (tip: go soon before the seasonal pumpkin fritters get yanked). The pan-fried trout was also noteworthy.

If you’re searching for a comfort-food finale (like we were) then don’t hold back on dessert. Our warm chocolate-chip cookie gave us the mojo to brave the drippy outside while our insides were left smiling.

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