09 October 2006

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(my sunday)

really, if i hadn't known any better, i would have thought i'd died and gone to heaven. do the words peace and quiet mean anything to you? i woke up on my own accord this morning. even raven, my cat, gave me this perplexed look as if he wanted to say 'what, i don't get it either?' the silence was broken knowing my friends would be over very soon. so i got up and enjoyed my morning coffee. i looked out the window and gave the sky a superman stare hoping it would open up like it did on Saturday. but, no, i'm no superman and the clouds never lifted. curse this weather. marguerite called me twice, once to make sure i brought an extra pair of shoes (good call) and the second time to ask me if i knew how to get to Sauvie Island (duh, a very good question seeing that i'm still unsure of what roads to take from my apartment to 30 West). that area is a little backwards if you ask me? so how did the rest of my day go, well, let me parse it for you. rain, rain and more rain. a girl can still curse this wonderfully wretched weather if she likes. cause the next thing you know, the rain stops. perfect timing. we entered the corn maze with nothing, not a compass or map, just that marguerite had already memorized the confusing, intricate network of pathways. cagey girl, that m. she's like a precog out of that movie the minority report. further into the maze, scenes out of the movies 'signs' and 'children of the corn' began to maunder in my head. what prevented me from totatlly creeping myself out was the weighted down feeling of mud collecting on the bottom of my shoes. our appetites gave way so we exited the corn maze at the half way point to feast on and not in any particular order: hotdog, ear of corn, caramel apple, hamburger and elephant ear (a pastry drenched in sugar, its ungodly). our day at the pumpkin patch ended with the sky firing down on us for a third time. showered, undefeated and back in the car, we stopped at Vivace for something warm while commenting on the last issue of Vanity Fair. do we choose to love or hate Kate Moss? again, another good day in p-town. p-out!

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