24 August 2017

Quick recap - expand later

Summertime on Lake Cowan
We spent the last two weeks of July in Rockford, Michigan.  Our vacation was chock full of:
Lakeside sand castle building and jumping off the dock, repeatedly
"Sipping "on Winking Owl wine
Taking in 12 Michigan sunsets, all aw-inspiring and of various colors, no sunset was alike
Colette bouncing on a zebra toy
Getting use to the mucky lake water
That slide, pink in color, was a huge summer hit!

It felt like we were at a resort with a pontoon boat, kayaks, paddle boat and canoe all on hand
Finding the beauty in lily pads and Colette wearing one as a hat
Morning breakfasts with the kids – there were always blueberries on the menu
Swinging on the back porch was so calming and relaxing
The cousins meet up and never left one another’s side until it was time to say goodbye

That photo of all four cousins and their water guns!  Strike a pose!
Watching the kids wear their life jackets while swimming and seeing their confidence build!
Picking berries was like being on safari
Burying the kids in the sand
Going for walks with toys that were difficult to maneuver
Donuts from The Donut Conspiracy 

Floating foam noodles to the rescue!
A new picnic table and lake floor mat were enjoyed
Mid-week a toy alligator and shark joined us
Everyone finally went for a swim – took us a while but we did it

Sam turned 4!  And to all of our surprise as soon as we finished singing happy birthday to my sweet boy he immediately dug his hand into the cake!  Epic moment!

Got an adult’s night in to include a few games of ladder ball!
Visited Pickerel Lake Park, the city of Saugatuck, an amazing dinner outing at the Bostwick Lake Inn and had the best corn beef hash at a café located in the back of a gas station, Grist Mill - where their slogan is Everything But the Kitchen Sink.

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