28 December 2016


It was a big year for us. 

We bought our first house, one word - dreamy.  Glenys and David visited us twice.  We threw Sam a huge 3rd birthday party at home in July and celebrated Colette's first birthday with a cute smash cake in September!

In between all of that, Colette, our advanced baby, went from baby to toddler in 5.5 seconds and Sam is busy building Lego structures, is infatuated with monster trucks and just recently will look at me with his hands up in the air and say Mom, hug me! 

Highlights are: I am an aunt again, visited Milo McIver State Park several times (one of our favorite parks here in Oregon), the kids dressed up as Tow Mater and a unicorn for Halloween and had fun at the kid’s workshop at Home Depot, first and last visit to the Oregon State Fair, hung out at Wintler Community Park a few times during the summer and I turned 43!

Have a happy New Year's Day!  
And then when it is through
Have a lot of happy days 
All though the new year, too.

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