12 April 2016

And you thought I’d never return.

Happy Friday blogonauts!  I figure it best to write something down now instead of later which my hope was to be more mentally stable than feeling like a walking zombie all the time.  Motherhood is tough.  It’s the best, it’s hard, its non-stop be ready for anything to happen yet my only complaint would be not getting enough sleep.  After almost six months of getting up every 3-4 hours each night, I am throwing in the white towel and surrendering to, this sucks, and I can’t wait for a full night’s sleep. With that said, we will be introducing our sweet, hungry little girl to solids come March 15th!  May the dream of a full night’s sleep come true!!!
My two sweet kiddos are doing really well.  Sam the other night, caught us both of guard with his face gestures and opinion on a new juice mix we gave to him.   He looked at us after he took a sip, his eyes moved back and forth as he processed the new flavor and then said Yummmmmmmmmm, it’s good.

Other than that, the weekend is here, I just learned what a stoop is and Trump needs to go away, go away for good.

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Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Aside from the challenges, and lack of sleep... SWEET! I am a tad late to wish you many congratulations and glad tidings, but just the same: Congratulations! Glad tidings!