19 August 2015

At some point you have to grow up, right?  Or rather at some point you slow down a bit, begin to make better judgements and follow passions that make sense instead of going after the far fetched ideas I once had as a young adult.  As I've matured, accomplished much and share my life with my husband it's no longer a fly by the seat of our pants lifestyle but now there are lists, written out lists that are pretty much our goals for the day, week or year. Sitting here after a long day of work and even was able to take Sam to the dentist on my lunch break, I'm ready for some sleep.  But before I do so, my belly bump has other plans for me such as hey Mom, check this out as my sweet unborn baby girl wiggles from side to side.  All of what has brought me to this moment has been forgotten by the awe I'm feeling as my second child squirms around inside my belly.  Then I snap out of it so I can deal with the seasickness that ensues.  As I type away, I hear my hubby mumble on about how the budget looks once I go on maternity leave and all I can hear is, we'll be fine.  Then, as if that weren't enough of a fleeting moment, I am reminded of a photo today which shows countries that provide paid maternity leaves and ones that don't.  Unfortunately, I live in a country that doesn't. Again, we will be fine, we will be fine.  This moment, right now, being able to just jot my thoughts down puts a smile on my face.  Why is that?  Because I am happy with myself and my life.

Another happy thought is my parents are taking off in the morning for an epic road trip!  Along the way, they will be visiting us for the entire month of September.  September is going to be one helluva exciting birth giving month!!!!

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Glenys Nellist said...

What a lovely photo of you Natalie! I'm proud of you and Steven. I know things are not always easy but you will be fine! I know you will. Love you xxxx