17 May 2015

I've been waiting for a sunny day.

Finally feeling better from being sick with that cold that was going around, I must say that this momma was feeling on top of the world today! We thought about taking a drive to the beach or to the mountain but ended up instead visiting a local neighborhood that we'd never been to except for when driving pass the entrance via Sellwood Bridge.  If you haven't been yet you must check out Reverend's BBQ and Atlas Scoops.  The below are some of my favorite photos from today's outing in the city of Sellwood.  I wonder which neighborhood we will visit next.

Me and Sam hula hooping jousting
Bump at 22 weeks!  Halfway there!
Sam's smile made the afternoon simply perfect.
Atlas Scoops has the best front yard ever!
Can't finish a day without some good hula hoop action!
Two dandelions heading home!!!!

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Glenys Nellist said...

Oh Nat...your photos are so gorgeous! Love my dandelions!