03 January 2015

How did I welcome the New Year?  With love and with family, it was quite the perfect day. Click http://www.glenysnellist.com/?p=617 for full story written by mother in law.

On the second day of the year it was back to work however I experienced a slight panic attack after picking Sam up.  As I was getting into the back seat I noticed there was no car seat to put him in.  I stood there for a moment my mind racing with thoughts of how am I going to get Sam home.  It took everything in me to remain calm.  I had help though and that was going to save me.  Sam was in good hands while I walked back to my car thinking how long it was going to take me to rush home to pick up his car seat. But in that moment and before starting up the car I thought to check in the trunk.  It was like fireworks went off in my head when I saw the car seat sitting pretty as if it could talk it would say, well hello there silly, don't you remember how nice it was of your father in law to pick you up on New Year's Eve and how I had to be placed in the trunk to make room for everyone!  I hastily grabbed it and began the painful process of installing the seat back into the car. This is when Gareth comes to the rescue.  My hands couldn't get the clasps to fit after numerous failed attempts and I just simply surrendered and had Gareth help me.  I tell you, I'm not very good with asking for help because I think I should be able to do it all!  But in that moment, as I was receiving help in the form of installing Sam's car seat, I realized its okay and that help is sometimes what I need.  Finally, tucked in safe and sound and homeward bound, I pull out of their driveway, rolled down the window to hear Sharon say, hey there sexy lady!   In my worse moment of the year, I still got it!

That evening things didn't get any better.  Out of sheer exhaustion, we had a bit of a rough night and went to bed early.  In a nutshell, things are great we as a couple & family just needed a group family meeting.

Fast forward to today, the third day of the year, after a trip to the oil service shop and the rest of the day spent at home I want to welcome the start of this year today - in front of a fire all cozy and warm, holding Steven's hand and talking about our future together.

Keep warm in your hearts everyone!

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Glenys Nellist said...

What an adorable photo of Sam Natalie! I know that 2015 will be a great year for you all. Love you!