30 January 2014

Day 30, 2014

Today, I'm reminded of our trip to England in 2012.

A 99 treat...
The infamous pasty.
Cream tea
The chef brought out an appetizer on the house, at the Churston Inn.
Somewhere in London after visiting the youth hostel where my parents first met.  Something 'meat' pie.
Fish and chips
British bacon!
Kipling treats!
The city of Winchester
Somewhere in Wigan.
Nom, nom, nom.
At Emma and Mike's wedding dinner celebration.
More ice cream treats.
Yet another delicious sandwich!
Snack attack!
You hungry yet?
Love you my soon to be husband!
At Porchester Castle
At Broadsands
At Aira Force
Where we ate those delicious sandwiches at. Had to walk an hour or so along the canal to get here. 
I'm digging the flags!  See the castle in the background.
The city of Chester
At Churston Ferris, Steven's grandmother's house. Thanks Steven for your mad driving skills! 

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