06 January 2014


But first, there was 2013. And what a year it was. Our son was born on July 20th and well, everything now revolves around him. The love I have for him is incredible. Over the weekend, we all sat down and watched a photo album on the TV that my Mom had put together of me and my sister when we used to live in Ontario, Canada. There is truly nothing like family and I hope my family memories flourish and that Sam will continue to build his own memories through the two of us.

Now onto 2014.

I plan to send out cards and packages in the mail, something that seems to be non-existent in this day and age. Keeping up with my blog and staying creative is also important to me. But of course, our little boy’s happiness is all I can seem to think about these days. We all took a nap yesterday afternoon for the first time in a long time which helped to shed some of our sleep deprivation but it also gave me a moment now as parents to tell Steven just how much I love him. Day 6 of 2014, I wonder what you will bring?


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