12 August 2013

Love what Andrea wrote to me after asking her for some baby advice...

Natalie, the best advice anyone ever gave me is to do what feels right. that there will be advice upon advice from so many people, there will be books, there will be articles, there will be news segments. and you will feel overwhelmed with it all. this is not to say that some of it won't be helpful. but at the end of the day, it's your gut, your intuition that really matters. that said, it's still pretty scary in the beginning. I remember the not knowing, the wondering. I think I took ava to the doctor a hundred times those first few years. pretty sure the doctors had a special name for me. and we never really nailed that sleeping thing. couldn't ever seem to let them cry it out. but we figured it out and they eventually slept and now they're perfectly normal kids. for the most part. ; ) the sneezing probably normal and if you're checking his temp and that's all good and he seems happy enough it's probably all good. but if he keeps at it and something doesn't seem right (again, trust that gut instinct), take him in. if only to put your own mind at ease. because when your mind is at ease, you're at ease. and when you're at ease, chances are, he will be too. : ) you got this, mama. you're doing it. even when it doesn't feel like it. just keep loving him and doing the best you can. xo

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