21 November 2012

Haha, I found this old photo of mine from like three years ago, I think it was taken on the fourth of July.  Do you recognize anything in particular?  Take a good look.  Does the dress look familiar?  I acquired this dress from a neighbor back in the day when I lived at Fifth Avenue, that was about six years ago now.  I wore it here, once goofing around with Steven in our apartment, a handful of other times and the last time I wore it was to Emma and Mike's wedding.  When I look at this picture I see a person feeling carefree toting around sparklers in hand with not a care in the world.  Fast forward to today.   I still have this dress in my closet.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are doing something very different this year.  We are brining our turkey.  If I had known last night what an ordeal it was going to be to brine a twenty five pound turkey, I would have put on the dress and pulled out the sparklers!!!! 

Wishing you all a merry Thanksgiving. 

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Glenys said...

Such a good feeling when your dress still fits after 3 years!!!!