19 September 2012


I was waiting that morning for the streetcar shuttle as indicated by a makeshift sign and a few minutes later the streetcar itself rolls on by as if it just said ha ha, why are you standing over there you big dummy.  A few hours later Steven texted to let me know that one of the lottery tickets we purchased won 2 bucks after telling him we didn't win anything.  He was like you didn't even scratch the winning numbers off you big dummy.   Whoops, my bad.  It happened again to me after leaving the bank and instead of hopping onto the MAX train which was just hanging around as I walked on right by it I ended up walking the 8 blocks back to the office instead.   The only thing left for me to do that day was to get myself home.   Enough with my absentmindedness for the day already, right?  Next thing I know I'm on the wrong bus!  I heard the bus driver say '36, transfer to streetcar, the 36 Tualatin.'  I jumped right out of my seat nearly knocking a few people over and there I was again waiting on the streetcar.  

I'm ready for October guys or maybe for this week to just be over with already just so that it doesn't happen again.  

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