24 September 2012

Setting ourselves off from the norm. Come adrift with us...

We visited Long Beach, Washington this past weekend.  I can't even remember the last time Steven and I felt this relaxed.  I was just looking through the Adrift Hotel & Spa's facebook page which was the hotel we stayed at and found a blog entry written by this woman detailing a similar experience with her husband back in June, click here for their story.  They actually found the ginormous skillet pan!  You know me I was searching high and low for it but could never find the darn thing.  And so without further ado below are a few photos from our great escape to the World's Longest Beach!   
We took the bikes out, compliments of the hotel, along the Discovery trail and stopped along the way to find such little treasures as this one:

The hotel itself gave off a modern, chic vibe.  My boyfriend and I were intrigued that they did the same thing as we did in our own home and that was use pipes as curtain rods.  The light fixtures were my fave because I love when lamp shades are not used.  The complimentary organic coffee, infused water and teas were the perfect touch to grab from in their uber comfy lobby. Each night we were there we hung out at Bar Aperitivo, now called pickled fish, which had sweeping views of the Pacific ocean from the top floor of the hotel.  We sampled elk sliders, a bucket of wild caught calamari, forest foraged wild local mushrooms, a pound of crispy wood fired pork belly bits and some truffled fries.  
Me on the second floor.  Our room # was 230.

A big, BIG thank you to the folks over at the Adrift Hotel & Spa. I was in relaxation heaven this weekend. If you're reading this and have a glass of wine (or whatever you fancy) please lift your glass(es) up in celebration of our five years together!  I have felt/experienced a lot in my life and never have I felt so much love inside.  Steven, I love you always & forever.

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steven said...

Five years and counting cheers love to many more MUAH xo xo xo (and many more vacations like this one)yayayayayaya and sushi this weekend :)