15 May 2012

Love is an incredible force.

When things are going well I tend to blog less.  Why is that?  It should be the opposite way around.  I'm going to post a lot more photos with captions this Saturday to kick start my blog again.  With that said I'm reminded of something said in the movie Incendiary, "they say that grief transforms us. I know it's transforming me, but into what?" I know I sometimes harp on about how the past really did a number on me but it's only because it's been so hard for me to forgive and forget.  I think the hardships I endured were tests and in some weird way I passed them because I am surrounded now by beautiful and caring people and that is where my mind has been as of late in being completely enamored with how lovely life is these days. 


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Anonymous said...

This is the MOST beautiful picture. Beautiful!