21 March 2012

Wednesday's Freckled.Girl.Fashion.

Things a girl must own: Not sure WHY I'm using my cell phone to take photos these days when I have my new Canon begging to be used. Steven even showed me a recent photo that he took with my fancy schmancy camera of a DElicious hamburger toppled with an egg he had prepared for himself just the other day and the quality of the pic was amazing! I kind of winced seconds later when I stopped admiring the photo and the thought of eating a hamburger with egg made me want to simply gag (for those of you newbees I loathe anything that is just simply egg). Click on the above image to enlarge; compliments of my cell phone. Not sure WHY I'm doing fashion boards all of a sudden either??? Just messing around on here. I'm sure 'it's just a phase' I'm going through.

Update: Found his photo and here it is in all it's glory! Wow and yuck at the same time.

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