24 January 2012

Natty's rambling thoughts...

Photo: glimpse into my living room.
  1. Noticed last night that as I was leaving work it was still light outside.

  2. Got to love a two week supply of groceries. I still though can't get my refridgerator as full as the one at my parent's house.

  3. I stayed up till 11.30pm last night. That is NOT going to bed early.

  4. Would like to hit the slopes on a bluebird day sometime in the next few weeks.

  5. Why is it so bloody difficult to let go of things that have caused me so much pain in the past. Especially when life couldn't be any better than its ever been before?!!!

  6. My neck has been unusually sore as of late. Mom says I should put a warm, damp towel on it.

  7. I can't figure out where to {insert} exercise into my daily routine?!!!

  8. It's okay, I'm okay if you use the word brat sometimes on me! ;)

  9. I don't like saying that I'm 38. Is this the face of one?
  10. What the Sam crazy heck is going on here: January is almost over.


Amanda P said...

I'm going through the same thing as #5. I just don't get how I continue to let the past play such a role in the present! Oh and 11:30 is super late for me too, remember when that was the time you were actually going out to start your night?

natalie said...

Such a bug isn't it! The thing that bothers me the most is how wrongfully accused and handled I was by others. But o'well, may I find a way to silence it all in my head. So, when ya moving to P-town. xo