07 January 2012

My To Do list for 2012, first quarter.

  1. Go sledding.
  2. Take a romantic trip with Steven. I'm thinking Cabo.
  3. Save in order to buy a house.
  4. A friend of ours asked for us to watch her chickens at the end of the month. Only in PDX would that happen to me.
  5. Letting go of the past for once in my life.
  6. Discover new music, for example I adore music by Kimbra.
  7. Send birthday gifts in mail to Rami and Jasmine. They are coming up.
  8. Explore Oregon more.
  9. Spend money more wisely.
  10. Lose at least twenty pounds.
  11. Get a board, hang it up and write all of the above on it. Mark off once completed.

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