12 December 2011

happy accidents happen all the time...

So fast forward a few days we spent some time with an old high school friend, Antonio - thank you by the way for all the drinks & apps (mussels, my favorite) - to a night bbq'ing bison burgers to Steven and I zonking out on our sofa on a rainy, Sunday afternoon to now well, well, well it's going to be a merry Christmas after all. To my delightful surprise I actually filed my taxes wrong and received a nice, little check back. So it pays to sometimes not be right all the time. The discovery of our Christmas miracle went a little something like this:

I'm sitting in front of the computer clamoring on about not knowing what to blog about when Steven catches my attention and says to me "hey, looks like you got a check here from the IRS."

"No, that's not possible."

Looking down at check. "Well, well, well looks like we can get ourselves a Christmas tree after all."

Happy Holidays! The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. -Audrey Hepburn ... and to making a few mistakes, aka. happy accidents, along the way too!

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