20 December 2011

Oh yes, the holidays are upon us. My work days feel longer than usual. Everyone is slowing down leaving me hard struck to keep up my productivity with everyone out of the office or rather - Gone Shopping. Things that have kept me busy. I had to go to the UPS store today and the guy there made me feel nutty because I think he had to tell someone how slammed he's been over the last couple of days. Lucky for me! I had to physically pry myself off of his voice box. Things like that make me want to just scream at the top of my lungs! Don't tell me how busy you are... especially when I'm not. Anyways, the holidays are supposed to be a fun and joyous occasion but as soon as I'm knee deep in it all I become a hurling ball of stress. And this too shall pass. Just like the UPS guy will have nothing to talk about once things slow down. I cut and pasted this from someone's blog, "that’s about all I can say right now. I’m really trying to keep my shit together. I’m doing an ok job, but I can’t help feeling that I could be helping more, that if I just lay back far enough, maybe that’s the best way to help. Shut my yapper and wait, despite the anguish, despite the fear and despite the feeling of impending doom." What in the world is this guy talking about? It can't be that bad, can it? As for me, I'm just trying to make it till 5 o clock without losing my cool. Happy Holidays and a bah, humbug to you too!

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