27 December 2011

No two snowflakes are alike...

I can't recall the last time I made snowflakes out of paper. As I was folding my first one, Steven decided right off the bat to turn it into a competition. I think it was my fourth snowflake in where he blurted out "looks like a bunch of ants got a hold of that one!" Becoming a tad more competitive, I'm pretty certain I won after hearing him say "wow, that one is awesome, how'd you get the corners to look like medieval swords?" Well, maybe those weren't his exact words but I felt entitled to win after hearing him say that.I hung them up from the ceiling right above our dining room table. I'm very grateful for having a pretty amazing Christmas day and dinner. We leave on Friday for Rockaway Beach, Oregon. Some good friends of ours are letting us use their beach house over the New Year weekend!

And check this video out... speaking of snowflake making, no two are alike... go out and create!

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