07 October 2011

I know, I know. Where have I been? Well, knock, knock, wake up, I'm experiencing what every blogger experiences and that is middle-of-the-muck-blogitis. Oh yeah, I've seen it time and time before. We bloggers forget to keep our blogs updated on a daily basis. It happens. And its okay. To bring you up to speed of what my week has been like, let me hit you up bullet point style:

  • My X-files watching marathon days are coming to an end. I'm finally on the last season, season 9, and let me tell you I'm not super thrilled about how things are coming to an end. Mulder and Scully are slowly being replaced. Bleh!

  • Has anyone seen the tv show Storage Wars. Oh wow, I'm addicted just like they are. I'd buy a whole storage unit for like under $100 bucks to see if I scored something big. But then again, this reminds me a lot of a lady I use to housesit for who loved buying everything from garage sales and lived in like a half a million dollar home.

  • The change in weather, yes summer is officially over here in Portland, Oregon, to rainy weather has hit us BIG. We're adjusting to it, sorta.

  • Oh... duh, the biggest news of all is that I am an aunt, yet again!

That is pretty much how I would sum up my week.

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