12 August 2011

To not even utter a single word... beautiful.

Once upon a daydream
she dreamt so long ago
a boy was made to dream upon
ensconced upon her soul.


Anonymous said...

Cute dog. Real cute dog. We're excited about your upcoming visit! Lots of folks asked about you on our crazy road trip. I still need to finish posting pictures (will do probably tomorrow).

Keep on truckin'!

Freckle 3500 miles baby

natalie said...

Yeah, he's great. Very easy to take care of too. Yeah, we're both excited about visiting the South too. So many new things to see ;) And we'll be there for 7 days this time.

Folks always wanting to know what's up? hehe. :) Looking forward to your new pics. Enjoy and honk, honk... life is great. Love you. xoxo