18 August 2011

In the last few days I've kind of been into myself, :p, don't get jealous, it's not something I do everyday. Anywoo (as my sister would say) I decided I wanted my bangs back so I got my hair cut by a girl named Jikaiah. If anyone ever needs a good hair stylist Jikaiah works over at Pulse Salon, next door to the Central Library. She looks nothing like a Jikaiah. And no, please don't think I'm like in love with her name or anything it's just a fun name to say out loud. JIKAIAH! So I finally caved in to getting my teeth whitened ONLY because they were having a special and ONLY because before I have my fake front tooth replaced - yeah, you know the one Jehan, the ONE you had something to do with its being there and now they're going to chisel it off!!! egads!!! - I'm told it's better to have your teeth whitened before doing so. I took the first step today and had my molds made. Next week I pick them up and then do whatever they tell me to do next. It's better just to go with the flow at this point. I mean really if I had know before having the molds done that the suction created might cause some difficulty pulling them off I might have just reconsidered. Yes, I had a little scare this morning (grrrrrrrrrr....). Last but not least a huge thank you to the couple who let us dog and house-sit which regrettably ends tomorrow because I've never slept better. Steven later this morning told me I was talking in my sleep "don't forget the chicken pox!" Not sure what the heck I was dreaming about there but all in all the above has done my body, mind and that self-preservation thing GOOD!

I also reopened my Etsy Shop, click here for the old listings. I'll get some newer ones up here soon and kick it up a notch.

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