12 July 2011

Just sayin'

photo: view from Sauvie Island
I can't even begin to tell you all - all that read my riff-raff on here - how great life is at this very moment. I thank the universe, everyone in my life right now for making it breathable, worry-free and just darn right fun! I am in love with whatever has recently happened and I'm going to work so hard to keep it that way. My summer is turning out to be all that I ever wanted it to be. PEACEFUL and FUN and more of that CRAZY FUN! There is so much that went wrong last year that I'm making a big stink about it now because things aren't falling apart, things aren't terrible and there are no threats and doubts being pushed around making lives difficult any longer. It's like we started a new era as of the first of the year. I should be writing more on here and I find it comical that when life is good you tend to not want to share it with everyone. haha... what oxymoron talk coming from me who wants to share the world with you! I've also discovered that I can't seem to do things 100%. I'm just me... this is all you get and I think it's pretty gosh darn cute if I don't say so myself. I don't think there is anything wrong with tooting your horn from time to time. From what you can see on my blog as of late, we've been having a heyday visiting the Pacific Ocean, Sauvie Island numerous times and on top of all this fun I've been losing weight. I'm now down 2 dress sizes!

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