07 July 2011

They came together: a new camera and my desire to workout again.

When my new camera arrived - not but even a week ago today - I thought I'd have my hands all over it 24/7. I've maybe picked it up a few times here and there since owning her. I did take her out once sporting a new camera bag on the fourth to Sauvie Island. All I need now is another lens and memory card (those will just have to come later down the road). So instead of snapping away using just the basic zone modes I decided to brush up on how this camera works by reading through the manual that it came with. The photos I've posted so far are remarkably, scratch that... 10 times better than the photos taken with my old G11 (awwww, I say that like he's no longer part of the family. Don't worry G11 you were my first camera love). Now that I know more about how this camera works my time has been spent messing around with its different modes, getting use to how this camera operates. I'm so in love...The other reason why I haven't had time for my new camera is that I'm back on a strict exercise regimen and my daily routine now consists of:

Work a full day from 8 to 5, btw, I love my job!
Get home and feel completely knackered - must be this warmer weather, no AC in my pad.
Watch X-files.
Muster up the energy to get to the gym - work out from like 9 to 11
Get home, eat.
Rinse and repeat.

Steven and I are now on track as long as we maintain a balance of the following three:

Low-calorie intake diet

Simple enough, right? All I know is that whatever we are doing we must be doing it right because my stomach is rock solid again. There is this one machine I worked out on last night for the very first time and I'm going to call it, the hater. Every time I laugh or giggle now, my stomach muscles hurt.

This morning I pulled out a skirt I wasn't able to wear until TODAY!

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