10 June 2011


I've got a bad case of the babbles...I've seen a lot of the world already. I've seen a lot of crazy stuff happen to me and to those around me. I think I've grown up way too fast and for that I'm beginning to look back on things and see myself right now taking it easier these days, more like catching up on things I feel I missed out on. Instead of racing for a new tomorrow I'm embracing every moment I can with what I have today. My mind seems to always be caught up way too much on what others are going through. Don't get me wrong I care but at the same time I need to be less wistful and more carefree knowing the universe will all fix itself in the end. I do yearn for more creativity in my life, more contact with my family, to be a better girlfriend and to become a better friend. What got me started on this babble is I met the other day while attending a nice get together with my colleagues someone who let me into her life by telling me more about her husband who is 15 years older than her, how he is an enthusiastic hot air balloonist and why she choice not to have children after now 28 years of marriage. It made me wonder where I'll be in a few years. I hope with children, married and well since I have a fear of heights I don't forsee hot air ballooning in my life but most likely a small work area in our house that is full of cameras and video machines for me to tinker around with and lots and lots of laughter. Yeah, that sounds super awesome to me.

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