24 May 2011

Thinking back on...

Now that I've had a few days to decompress from the weekend there are a few things worth mentioning and I'd like to share them with you through some fun conversations that were had:

"You gonna have that last shrimp?" is what I said to Dom while dining at Pine State Biscuits. Of course that was an asinine thing to say because no one shares their food at this place. Every bite is to-good-to-be-true DElicious and you're gonna get looked at as crazy even if you ask for just a little nibble.

Now mind you it was still mid-day on the way to the waterfront in Seattle when I said "well that was just darn crazy?" I had lost my balance and fell to the ground in true clumsy fashion because of some stupid crack in the sidewalk. You know, one minute I'm walking along with the group and then the next thing I know.... Natty goes kerplunk! No injuries were had.

"This is definitely a gay bar!" is what I blurted out after hearing the bouncer say "hey beautiful" to some guy. I don't care either way but judging by the looks of the place, Cellars ended up not being a gay bar and we ended up dancing the night away (check out the rest of the crew in the reflection).

That next morning, "who bought the pizza?" and I hear everyone say "you did!"

Oh, wow!

After getting back home safe and sound, Steven and I made it to our indoor soccer game. We played another mean game and I finally feel like we were playing as a team this time around. I texted Gareth later in the evening with 'come on down for some potstickers' and he texted me back with 'sounds good, heading over in a minute!' I think Gareth is going to leave P-town with a new found appreciation for potstickers and dancing in the rain.

The weekend ended around midnight. It was around that time when we ate our steaks and turned into gremlins shortly thereafter.

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