26 May 2011

My hopes were way, WAY too high... to come crashing down like this...

The invitation reads:

Join KEEN for Recess on Thursday, May 26th, from 10 AM to 3 PM at Director Park at SW Yamhill Street and Park Avenue where they’ll be taking over Director Park with fun activities. KEEN will set up an interactive photo booth for those taking "recess" can snap and post a picture to the KEEN event website and Facebook page. The first 600 people through the photo booth will receive a pair of KEEN shoes. In addition, KEEN will have six (6) tetherball installations set up for people to challenge one another to a game or two, a hammock lounge area and other ways for people to take recess. KEEN will also have mobile teams stationed all over the city with tetherball installations.

At this very moment as my fingers furiously type away I can feel my blood boiling in utter disappointment. Why? WHY! Of course I'm going to tell you why! Because I was under the false pretense that the first 600 people (quite generous I must say) who took the Recess pledge, a marketing campaign put together by Keen's footware, would receive a free pair of SHOES... My dreams of owning one of these expensive pair of shoes was crushed as I had come to find out nothing was for free after all. So I'm standing in line with this silly square sized chaulkboard in my hands ready to take my photo and this is when I discover the bad news. I heard the cheerful Keen helper tell everyone "YOU HAVE TO SPIN THE WHEEL FIRST!" My heart sinked down to my knees, I was that upset. My sources told me free shoes and said nothing about a wheel. I should have left at that point knowing how sore of a loser I am. But no, I went ahead and spinned the wheel that only screamed out to me 'NOTHING IS EVER FOR FREE silly girl.' And as dumb luck would have it the stupid arrow landed on A SHIRT, a lousy shirt!!! You can imagine the disappointment on my face. Everyone else around me trying on shoes and crap and I'm telling the lady, "yeah I'm a medium!" Ha ha! I'm sure I'm going to need at least an hour to not give a sh$t about losing today. The photos can be found here.

Yeah, yeah... I am something else but whatever. You guys... I have to post this... I got a pair finally! And boys and girls I gots no shame because it took three trys to score me a pair. Take that you lousy t-shirt and laptop bag. How I would describe this whole fiasco is at the end of the day I AM AWESOME.

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