31 May 2011

I could have fallen asleep in them tide pools...

We spent the holiday weekend not getting to sleep in as much as I had hoped for but more like so where are we off to next? We moseyed over to the waterfront Friday night for some Rose Festival action and then back home to see fireworks going off right as we walked in the door. We had every good intention of just calling it a night but six and half hours later, around 4, Steven and I finally passed out from goofing off way into the wee hours of the morning. And I mean weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... I managed to nap a little on Saturday only to get fired up again a few hours later because watching a soccer game, no less the Championship game Barcelona vs. Manchester United, with my boyfriends' brothers and go ahead throw into the mix that they are from England makes for a very intense and rowdy filled 3 hours only to end in complete and utter disappointment! Believe it or not, I drank nothing but water that night. Gasp. Sunday rolled around and we were pleasantly surprised with two barbecues, catching our friends' one year olds from crawling out of the house to finally passing out around 11 that night. Yesterday I couldn't sleep in to save my life and so to my dismay I got up and made us some sandwiches before heading out to the coast.

For more photos of our day spent at Cannon Beach click here. When we got home that night I must have turned into a snapping turtle because Steven looked at me and said in a concerned voice "You really should get some sleep babe." I was pretty much deliriously tired at that point and to go to sleep. sleep. sleep. never sounded so good.
And for the record I don't want to come across off as if I'm complaining here or ungrateful, its just that I'm really looking forward to a weekend where we are doing nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

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