30 March 2011

To lessen the crapload of thoughts

I wandered over to Powells bookstore this evening to find something, something that would put my mind at ease. I found this book, sat down on one of those foot stools feeling all cozy and lost in the city of books and the following sentence spoke out to me in volumes:

"Thoughts are like a pressure valve. If pushed down and held in long enough, eventually they will explode in unhealthy ways."

Most of the time if an issue does come up, it is dealt with and then no more thought is needed. That is how I usually roll. But I'm also infamous for holding things in if I feel like it's not worth confronting; basically I won't get involved if I think I'll get no where. But over the last year or two I've held in way too much crap that keeps lingering on in my mind. I will be fine just letting go of these built up/unresolved thoughts that seem to keep me from enjoying life. The only thing that I'm dealing with now is that whenever these residual thoughts surface especially all at once triggered by something completely unrelated it causes me to become overwhelmed with anger and resentment and of course, you're thinking I'm being silly but I can see why people lose it I mean they have pills, doctors, places for this stuff for goodness sake. Anyhoo, back to the present and what makes sense to me. Beautiful.

"The important thing is that I control my reaction, my behavior, my attitude and my words. What I receive back is not in my control" In the end as Ron White so eloquently said "You can't fix stupid."


Anonymous said...

Beautiful lady. Beautiful city. Good job. Maybe you should go to one of those poetry slam sessions -- do they still do that? You know, when you write all your angry feelings and share them with a crowd of strangers with jazz playing in the background? Portland seems like the perfect place for something like that. Or go to the top of a hill or mountain and shout it out.


natalie said...