01 March 2011

we are awesome (changed the title on you)

2 months in already and I am happy to report that both Steven and I have recovered from our ailments - one of us got a cold, then it was my back, then it was his back, then it was blisters on my heels, then it was another onslaught of sniffles and coughing. I believe today we are feeling 100% better. Here's a photocall recap of January and February, from top left to right and snake your way down. A day of precious sunshine, catching my breath, zipcar nirvana, sometimes I'm in the mood for a ginger beer, our magical carpet side by side some magical puzzle pieces, steven waiting on a Pine State Biscuits reggie sandwich, saving money by cooking most nights at home, birthday tulips and the first of the year surprised us with a not so awesome sight - photo taken right from our balcony.

Cheers to an amazing, healthy and photo-taking bandit March!

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